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Clearing Clutter out of ones life....

Morning all,

I had to do a blog before I go to this meeting. I have been so frustrated this morning, because  its just so much to do in so little time and the little support one needs always falls short. So i will share this method with you. It clears your mind . 

I lost some papers and couldnt believe that I misplaced them. so i went looking through everything and i noticed that i was creating clutter. I had old mags from last year, papers I didnt need, copies of things and through the mist of it all i just trashed it all! it was an hour of thowing stuff away.Because we hold on to thigns based on our personaliy and it may be neatly packed away but its still a mess. Which can explain things like your love live, and any other things in your life that seems to be frustrating you.

I realized that when I went looking through the stuff. now i feel so much better. The paper ended up being in my face as always i was so stressed I didnt see it. It ends up that it was the wrong paper to begin with......

It takes simple things to clear the clutter around you and in your mind. get rid of the things hindering you.



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