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Long week......

Sunday morning to all,

Hows everything? well I decided to blog about my week. Not in too much detail not that i dont wanna just what i remember of it .....*winks* now lets going shall we? Theres a few things I wanna highlight. 

New outlook: I have to say that I am completely lost. Lol like Monday I had a horrible outlet now ( sunday) i am like in la la la feeling gud going with the wind ( its windy out).  now im not sure wat next week is gonna hold but im cool wit it for once.  I am not panicking because I dont know how my life is going to change over this month nor my love life.I mean omg I met new friends and I hung out with old ones. So, I should shut up. So I have to say hi to my new friends and sup to my old. I am trying to get it together for the other friends who are coming to visit. lol I think I will be more planned out this time. But as i saw I didnt have to be planned I had to go with the flow because plans changed. I am not one who does that but in this case I had to. 

New happenings: From raves, to finding out that tequila and mixing certain food wit it is not my friend! but i had a friend help me with it. I said i had a very weird week.  I think I will stick to gin and vodka. lol I think my body is so used to it so like why steer away. But I gotta say thanks hun for going out wit me. lol I dont even think he knows I blog. But I must shout out to everyone who was there for my creepy week.

Pics: So I had a fashion statement each day of the week. they where simple watever i wanted to just give u a peek . If you were with me you can see which days  and how I felt like how I was in these pics. see you in the next blog. xoxoxoxoxo

ps. thx to jessie and troy for the pics.


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