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More unexplained thoughts...

Here are things from the past month that has struck me as funny, weird, immature, or just ...."I do not know" Have fun and maybe sleep on this wonderful wet Sunday sunflowers! I'm dealing from lack of motivation and not bloggers block so to say its more as if I cant put what I want in words. Do you have those days? I'm out. ......

Here are 2 things that I cant get out of my mind I know , random. Enjoy!

I want to be an Investment Banker and take Wall Street or a busy DC street by storm. Though it may be far from my reach I am so close to just making my finance career come true. I feel as if you have a pipe dream let it smoke, others may smell it and come to see what the problem is. And at the end of the smell will be you dressed in whatever suits your fancy. I prefer something like a white business suit or just the pants.Ready to take over the world! or at least have some part of the dream come true. lol moving on. 

If you know me, you know I love Takoyaki so very much and will be attempting to make a lot of it for a party! I can make enough for me and a friend but now I have to bring out the big guns and buy a bigger Takoyaki pot which is also showed on the website, so I can make a lot of them! I am ready just have to find one cheap enough to fit my budget. I dont know why I like it so much. Since reading about it in the Japanese things I read, I had to taste it , and when I did I died came back and died again. Now I shall share with all. 

Now to something I can explain but should I even bother?

Boys or and Girls

Let me explain why I am willing to put this out. Certain boys and girls I wont mention confuse me. I thought as women we find each other confusing . But I can truly say " im stumped" so say you have these friends. I mean you have known them a fair amount of time.  You know they like you or they are lonely so hey they befriend you more than you can imagine at times. You are in the strictly "platonic "  or " hang out on the weekends when I wanna deal with girls "mode . again confused. Soon as they get a significant other they drop you or have 50 pic of them kissing as their profile pic. I am like is this suppose to make me jealous, (which will fail. I am not a jealous person when it comes to girls and such or anything but candy lol)  But at the end this still remains which they forgot from the get go. 

I HAVE A BOY FRIEND ALREADY!!!!  - -; so I will just chill out , i'll check my yahoo Japan mail and read about fashion

Now something that made me say awwww and made me feel better. 

My friend is a sweet heart in the weirdest way. He does things for me that the average girl would be like....... but I think its cool. I wish he would see that I care!! Also that if he changes his looks just dont change his personalty. No one is making him. I like geeky dudes. Just maybe some fashion will help. ( next blog)He knows I want a different direction as far as my second job, and he waited over a week to give me newspaper clippings to things in the government that I would like to apply for. Also more advice on resumes and how each has to be different when you apply for different jobs. I work a lot but I did manage to get this stuff done. Some called back. I wish for the best.  Ha, guess what I keep emailing him it is some thing Hello Kitty. oh and he shared his gummy bears. I love him lol.

Moving on to the last thing. Something that made me smile.

I was having a tiring day after-work one Friday, about 3 weeks ago. I had to run to the AT&T store b/c of my phone battery not working. If it rains it pours in my life. I had got a free battery shipped to me, so I was very relieved. So I walked across the parking lot to the bus stop that I had got off on to go to the store in the first place. I live right up the street from the store so I just stopped before I went home. When I mean close I live about 5 stops away a two or three min. drive. Anyway, I see that there is a lady and two kids sitting on the bench so I just stood , waiting for the bus. One of the little girls looked at me and I smiled. She told me to sit in spanish and moved over so that I could sit. Then told her mom that she made room for me. I felt special. I do not kids love me. I guess they know I do not want any but will do a lot for the ones in my life. My bus came before theres and I waved bye to them. I said to myself that I would blog about it.  
I feel that some of the little things in life goes a long way. I will never forget that. 

Keep experiencing things in life and keep them as your unexplained thoughts. See u in the next blog.

Special thanks to:
Sanrio Japan
Yahoo Japan Fashion Magazine

Other thanks to Emiko(6), Kimiko(2), Daisy (3)for the pic lol ( names from top to bottom)


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