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Outing to find realization....

Evening all!,

How are my sunshines today? I am fine. I had to go out on the coolest day off ever to have : a Monday! I was so over joyed I am just getting in a few hours ago. A very nice friend of mine spent the day with me and I felt special. The weekend wasnt the best for me, but I have realized that people love you for your faults and are willing to work with you no matter what. I have to thank my friends for that. I feel blessed I do indeed. I know one day i'll have a friend who will be more and it will be a dream come true . All I want  is to smile. We all have faults its just how the other sees it as a great challenge and wake up everyday to help you with it is what makes it worth a relationship. What is one with out arguing from time to time. It will get boring. This goes from friendships to relationships b/c they are one in the same. I had to realize that and that everyone thinks im a great catch. They love my faults. Its so funny cus I was told this with out even saying anything I felt awesome. lol Well its back to work . A thousand kisses to you and them . xoxoxoxoxoxo


Erika said…
Argument is good for the soul, if you ask me! :)

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