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Pool Party

Hey all!

I am coming from a mini pool party my family and I had! it was fun. I was looking a hot mess! lol I was determined not to get my hair wet and I didnt lol I enjoyed it. We ran around and played in the pool. I am going to take swimming lessons with my sister next week. I think I need to learn. I must get my hair braided so it can get wet. I would be devastated if it was wet as is now lol. I am a pre Madonna.  In all we had fun I cooked corn bread lol yes it was so quick. My sis is in the last pic I am one of those 21st century chicks who is strong with out holding a pot all the time lol  This is what my facebook said about it, it speaks for itself.  And I quote:


 okay folks I'm on my way to our pool party! ha I even brung a dish I cooked so fast I didn't sweat! that's 21st century versitle chicks for ya! catch u lata!"


Erika said…
I could totally use a day at the pool right now! :)

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