Random Dress....Random Thoughts....

Hiya! how are my fellow bloggers and blogger readers doing? 
Lets see this blog is about idk I really dont lol. 
Do you like the dress? 
I have been debating to get it. 
I finally took a pic of it. I wish I bought a better person to take the pic lol 
I suck at pic taking of myself.
Is it nice?
Its not even expensive. lol well to me it is but everyone is like get it !.
So I guess I will go back and get it Friday.
Where am I going? 
Oh, I won a night at a lounge with someone. 
I know ive been winning stuff lately. 
I am so happy !
I dont win anything but I am thankful. 
Now, its raining here, how about there?
I think we will be going to the lounge for our anniversary July 16th or the day after. 
I tell u only good friends have dates on when they first met and actually celebrate it. 
I will tell u in another blog what I got him.....
I hope he got me the Hunter rainboots I want lol 
If someone gives u the size , color, price, and store they want it right?

Enjoy the rain, do things that you can tell me about later...........


Rae_bella said…
OMGoodness...Or should I say Goddess! I love that dress! It's looks very nice one you. ^_^

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