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A twisted downward game of love that was entitled for a long awaited time out...

Hey all,
How are you? I am just dazed and confused. This picture actually ties in with y. 
Have you ever dealt with some one that no matter what you do its simply not enough? 
You both hit a dead end?
I feel this way about someone.
I went earlier this week to visit them and it was fun until we hit a disagreement.
I feel as no one changes who you are, you allow yourself to change because of other peoples actions.
I have learned that you have to let people go and really do what they have to do. 
If they dont see they have a problem it will go down like we are and like in this elevator I was in.
I was on my way to him so happy. 
Now I just want to run. 
Letting the ones you love learn. 
I dont think I can do it. I guess I am so used to helping all the time I dont know how to not help.
I think we all have felt this way one time or another.
What would you do? 
Leave them?
Help them?
Give them the benefit of the doubt?
I had to leave all together again you cant help one that doesn't wanna help themselves and finds faults in other b/c of the way they are.
Coping is the hard part. 
Especially knowing that they aren't as they are now. 
Maybe its a lost hope.
We shall see.....


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