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End of the Track


Morning all! 
I know i havent been here in a few, I had to take a short vacation that I wish was longer than it was. Todays' blog is about just reaching to the end of something and seeing that it isnt all that bad. So, you may ask how does the picture ties into this? well if you know your trains the D train takes you to the end of the track literally into the water. Any further you will be coney island. Yes I went! it was awesome. Because I hadn't been in so long. I have pictures from there too! But thats another blog. 
I snapped this picture before we got off at the last stop. which was the coney island stairway. lol i laughed because at this end , turned out to be one that i could actually get used to. But then you have some that you cant. It makes you think why am I going in this circle? This marry-go-round isnt working, it isnt adult size its starting to hurt my butt.I want to get off. I am tired of no progressing somewhere. lol
Do you get? 
Then you ask what do you do about it? I have yet to find that answer yet, but ill let you know. I know that I have to get off this marry-go-round and get on an adult size one, like they have in playland in Brooklyn. 

Have a great Sunday. Catch lots of dreams put them in your mind and heart. Maybe we can share them together.

ps. I love apartments for some reason it gives me a free feeling. Like the ones on the upper west and east sides.


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