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A "friendly" letter

Dear friends,

As I get older, i am learning that you all amaze me on how fast you forget where you come from. Some of you hit the legal age and leaped into what you thought was "adulthood" and now you are either left picking up pieces or wondering where it all went wrong. Some of you did it very well, you are staying a kid as much as you can, but lack responsibility. You who are either of these extremes you confuse me. Maybe you dont see it , maybe you felt it was the right thing to do, keep it up, be you ill try to be your friend if you will only be mine.

Then we have the wise bunch that have no idea or too much of an idea of what they want. I feel that you have to stop and see that maybe its not wise to over think your life and over do it, because you will spend all of time trying to perfect it or figure it out that it will leave you.....Then you have the one who tries to hard to get to me but cant because they have lost themselves and im not there anymore to help pick up the pieces. I dont derseve that. 

So where does that leave me? I am learning  that my life is a movie and all of u are my costars and though i may not end up wit any of u i will play a part in the sound track of your least part of it.



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