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This is completely a misunderstanding of they say

Hey loves,

Do you know that outspokenness isnt liked by a lot of people? It is basically live with life and deal. Instead of voicing your opinion. Then came me. I am not of the norm I feel like this blog is as real as it gets. They havent seen outspokenness yet.... This is what this blog is about, how i feel on things.though i never say them outloud i sure think them. im a better writer of feelings.

1. So like when you poke yourself with eyeliner do you wanna scream? I do i feel as if why is it so hard to look nice? why cant i stay the way i am ? i dont need the lip stick unless its a special occasion. i dont need makeup im allergic. i look wonderful without a lot less of man made things. as so we move on...

2. Just because it says comes in all shapes and sizes means that its for you. seriously i am tired of walking down the street and seeing folks with stuff i wouldnt put on my cat. Come on, i am into clothes and stuff. its not even what it is, it may be the person wearing it. indivisibility is one thing and just plan idk what in the world is another.  stripper clothes are for strippers ladies.

3. The whole " i call you when i feel like it thing" alright you call when you feel like it and the world is coming to an end thing is fine. so when it happens i wont answer and we will see who feelings will be hurt....moving on...

4. Like is one thing, but please dont try to impress me with how much you have in all departments. I will walk past you and if i am talking to you then you really will get your feelings hurts. I like nerds simply put. rich ones, poor ones. nerd is a persona dont get too stuck on the word.

5. If we shall fight over things. let it be valid and worth it. one should never fight over something not worth it. one should never be jealous of someone. they dont have what you have remember that. you are you and someone likes you for you. they wont leave, so dont get it in your head as so unless other wise changed. there is so much i dont like about me , but those same faults someone (s) love dont worry im tellin me not just you.

so this wraps up this blog. i have to pat myself on the back. this was an unexplained thought. i have no idea where these thoughts came from i just felt like you all should know. keep being you and tell me your unexplained thoughts one day.


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