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5 things I cant live without

1. Coffee- I feel as if the world would end if I couldnt have a cup . Its not the caffeine its the taste I crave coffee. im hoping if heaven forbids and I have a child let it be when im 30 so i can be a bit more mature when they say " you cant have coffee for 9months" forget decaf lol.

2. The Sock Market- Yes weird I noe, Even if I dont invest, hearing of it makes a bad day turn good . i feel as if I can do anything when I hear whats going on in the markets.

3. The "urban" feeling -This means the walkin down the street, seeing people sweep the front of their stores off, in the dawn when you can get a cup of coffee and jet off to the D or A train to head to work.....oooo or E . I feel that people do not know the real meaning of the city life. Its not all fast and rude. New yorkers like any city people say Huston which is also city have their ways. Every place has pros and cons I feel as people have a bad day and then its all like that. Open mindedness is the key to a wonder feeling and maybe your list of 10 things you can live with out.

4. Anime, Friends and Music- these go hand and hand. I feel if you are creative and need a boost of imagine once in a while or just need to chill out, these are the things for you. Makes you see the world in a different way. Friends (good ones) will save you from the world at times.

5. A piece of mind.- I tell you it took someone older to tell me that you are so much better off with out. only what you need. and its funny because I am always talking about that to friends of mine. trying to drill that into their heads.  maybe i wasnt hearing myself.

What 5 things that you can wake up in the morning and say that you cant live without? I mean everyday cant live with out?


- coffee. drinking right now. and i like your urban living idea.

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