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A brief detour.

Ohayou everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I am outta town for a bit and will try to blog when i get the inspiration. I hope it comes up soon, because I enjoy doing so. I am in a quiet place, not my sound description of fun, but they say all need a time to regroup. So I hope to do it fast. So guessy what? Today is National Chocolate Day. Though I am not a fan of it I had some this morning gagged and there lol. What memories or loves do you have of chocolate?

I have one.

Testimony : I was at starbux and i oreder a white mocha americano and they gave me mocha and i almost died but then i gave it to my niece and she loved it.The end lol 

Have plenty Unexplained Thoughts and tell me about it. Here are some pics to show where I am. 


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