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Last Day of Summer

Early evening fellow bloggers!

Im sad to say it, but its the last day of summer and it came too fast this year. I think because i did so much, met a great new friend ( hi hunny *waves*) and finally got the two piece swim suit i wanted! though it came at the end of summer ,its fine theres always indoor swimming pools and next year. You know I will have  a blog on that too!! I am suppose to go to the beach this weekend before it gets really cold. But ive heard that it is pretty cold at night there so no swim suit, or at least half of it!

Though I get migraines I do like the summer w/o it being too hot, because why like I love most of the seasons, the clothing!, the places you can go, the free feeling. I think its because you are not binded with a coat and such. what do you think? what reminds you of summer? what will u yearn for til next year? I will miss cool nights on the fire escape in new york with friends, and the hyrdrant water filled sidewalks. The melting ice cream, and condensation on my coffee cup.

I tried to celebrate it very briefly outside running around, where i am located for a few months. I have a bad sinus infection that started when i first got here (3 weeks ago) so i made it quick. lol i enjoyed the now cool air of the field behind my mothers house. and the bird feeder that  now i will run and buy sunflower seeds for ( the ranch ones so i can have some too) I came in the house to write this, sneezing and scratching, allergies u gotta love them..... i took benadryl ill be sleep soon.

Happy Fall Everyone!

Ill be writing 2moro on my coffee blog about the flipside : the first day of fall! stay tuned.

note: in the first three pics the sun was setting....theres cotton in the back ground


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