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An Overcast Of A Day

Rainy afternoon my fellow bloggers! and readers! ,

This blog is and things. lol lets get started shall we?

When I woke up, there was an overcast when opening the door. It was wonderful. I was like that means that its going to rain. To be honest, the kids said it was an overcast. I was half sleep with no glasses on. I feel as if an overcast can be used to show emotions. Like its the clouds before the rain. Hence, the story before the let down. Or the bad before the worse. But when it rains its a great thing i feel.

Everything is let out in the open and then you truly know whats going on. You can either enjoy the rain (like above) or not. Dont let a little rain cramp your shine. Because rain can also wash away things. It will not come back, it will be forever gone. But at times not be forgotten. As we speak its raining. I just took these pics and said to my self " blog!" lol I needed the rain , it calms you, helps you regroup.

If you have an overcast in your life, the rain will come and clear the sky. Then  you can tell me about it, maybe it will be your unexplained thoughts.


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