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So....what is an overcast?

Hiya again ,

So, this blog is on what an overcast is. I know you know but you dont know exactly. You just dont use that word everyday. I mean I had to re google it to make sure. I should of just asked my little brother and cousin they were the weather experts yesterday. so here it is a pic of it. Its basically when the suns are hogging the sky but u can still see the shadow of the sun. Its just warning you that its going to pour and storm or either. I took this yesterday right before it started to pour. This my friend is a perfect overcast.

Then you have the result. This pic i just took like say...45min ago! lol Its pouring. it has been pouring ever since we saw the overcast. Its wonderful I love it, it gives me a reason to blog. It is a great motivational factor. So what motivate you? It may be an unexplained thought.


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