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BRB a short break

Hello on this rainy day!

Im sorrwie that ive been MIA once again. If you havent heard, I am currently out of town and have been for about 2 months. I will be back home the weekend so until then i will just leave you with this blog. My coffee blog will be bi-weekly starting next week. So I didnt wanna leave u all confused and such. Sorrwie again, and ill let you know wat has been happening also. I have two surprises for you so i hope you tune in for that! I also wanna take the time to wish my late closest friend , best uncle in the world who put the foundation down for me to do wat i do now. and if he was here he would of loved to learn how to use the internet and to read my blogs. It will be three yrs not having him here, and I think he would be very proud me even if i am not. He would of been 73 to day. Oh hes my great uncle lol funny how i never knew never took into consideration that he was my nanas brother. So to Fred oh how i miss you and this blog is dedicated to u.

See you all sooon. Maybe you will have some unexplained thoughts to share wit me .


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