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More NYCGO look outs for u!

nycgo/ naruto ramen

Heres another place my friends!! We must go! well i said those words to a friend just now. If you know me, im a lover of anything Japanese , so when i found the article on more Asian like places to find ramen ( noodles) I was siked. In Japanese, Men means noodles , hence the word " ramen" its more of a "instant noodle" My friend is siked about this. the place is called "naruto" which means "fish cake" as friend just messaged me to remind me! I have to say it will be a joy to take him! I will blog about this too!! There are many adventures that I will let you know about. Look at the time, its time for my night time meds.

Have a great night and dream of unexplained thoughts to tell me about.


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