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Re-Analyzing things.

Hi my bloggies

i had an certain urge to write. i finished a few projects also. i think its the ice cream im eating though im lactose intolerant.


I have "bloggers block" my friend cracked up when i said this. He has no idea that its a real thing made up in my mind. *smiles* This blog is about " knowing where you have to be hence re-analyzing things" Where ive been for a month in a half isnt what i like but I had to be here to help with somethings, and soon will be back home. well a new home back home. Thats a whole new blog. I hope it all comes together. All I think you can do is just hope and believe....

When you look at the world analyze , it is to take into account things ,see it in a new light. maybe not even take a hard look at it. some things we look at by just glancing at it will show its light. as weird as that seems it is true . I am in all honesty on this. so i have realized some thing that are important, but im not even focusing that on this blog, its about the fun things.

1. After closely looking, I acturally like blues clues a lot. 

2. I have a lot of young children around me, they push me not to be as stressed out.

3. Babies are cute when they are sleep -_-;

4. This weather here is killing me, i have been sick since i got here. but have taken it a day at a time to smile regardless.

5. Spiders and I are not friends.

6. I like to drive dirt bikes. maybe ill take mine back home.

7. Im a tough, sophisticated girl. yes i noe. most are either tough or girly or both no im in my own category. take that and re-analyze.

8. Running and screaming b/c i thought i saw a snake makes the kids laugh and take pics.

9. I dont like nature for a long time.

10. Am willing to drive to a starbux ( more in coffee blog)

Is there anything that you have considered that makes you who you are? or maybe you will find out by just mistakingly being put into a situation you think you cant or can handle. It can be an unexplained thought. 


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