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Hey all!!

I have a surprise for you all! remember i left you at a cliff hanger? well there are the surprises!!. This blog is dedicated to them, here are my new babies. Their names are Puka ( pronounced pooo-ka) and Abyo ( pronounced a-b-yo).

They are very cute! u will see the pics below, they are running around as we speak! They just had a quick nap and are tearing up as we speak. They are sooo cute they are only 10 weeks old! and full of energy. We just moved to my new location in DC and they came along and are happy to be here! They are a hand full but i love them and they are sweet. The family loves them too, since we are a family of cats and cat lovers.

So now i can blog about them periodically. I also wanna thank the nice woman who gave them to me. she found them when they were very small and took care of them until now. I am very blessed and thankful  that they have came until out lives. I hope to raise them like I have my other two (6yrs and 4yrs) .They are being a real sports b/c they are great to move around and to take on rides and visit family houses.

well you all this is my blog i promised , though i'm busy i will be  back to schedule with the blogs since im back in the northern states. omg its raining and i am missing some hunter rain boot!!! stay warm and have a great unexplained thought to share.


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