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Akemashite omedetōgozaimasu!


I had to blog on this wonderful day ! I didnt forget u! just was hand washing some cloths that couldnt be washed in the machine lol my cat pucca watched as i did so and she laid on the bathroom mats and we had a friendly silent moments listening to the new Gorillaz cd! Can u believe they made the whole thing on an ipad! epic indeed. ( oh and ofcourse its a keeper! great music to calm u)

I will be so busy 2moro wit a surprise so i wont be posting on new years day! so , how are things this year! the last day of this year!!! I have a few things i got right in time to dress and look nice. they are self explanatory but i thought they wouldnt make me feel better but they have.Im typing pretty well as always with my nails .lol I wanna be in a contest to see who can type better wit nails on. lol I wanna say thank you for being here this year and i hope to see and give u more to think ,cringe,laugh,sigh and smile about in the following years.

SO to safe,fun,and full of unexplained thoughts to tell me about on the 2nd!

my hair and a second hole in my ear!

my nails i got done last nite!

My shoes i got yesterday they are from italy and got them 80% off a steal!!


Kyosuke said…
Yes the Ipad is amazing.Evverything on you looks nice,and those shoes are a steal lol.

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