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Ending the year with snow...

Afternoon snowflakes!!

I am here to blog about well you guessed by the title...snow! So, its snowy here , if im not mistaking, it was snowing since last night, stopped for a few hours and then started again around 10am or so. I havent seen snow since the snow storm in Feb of this year. If feels as if was last year when it really wasnt! I think the summer went by very fast, and this is premature snow. I tell you the weather is weird. I mean we have had some very cold days! But its 27 degrees today and it doesnt seem cold at all.!! I will be venturing out in it today! To go get coffee. I will sure to have pictures to share and that will be on my other blog!. You know this is my kittens first snow and they are having a fit. I got "ghetto" and pours salt you know the salt with the pic of a girl with an umbrella and holding salt and its falling from the side of salt container. Ha lol yeah I sprinkled some on the porch so they wouldnt slide like I did and it worked ! lol. almost fell, but I am happy to report I am sound for another snowy winter...oh long as it doesnt interfere with my trip...

Track im listening to atm: Gorillaz " On Melancholy Hill" from their Plastic Beach Album


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