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Guest Blogger: Thursday

Well hello peeps. My name is Sarah Kreischer, oh
wait I guess to be more precise my last name changed
to Pemberton. Anyways how I came to know the lovely
owner of this blog, Jennifer Sawyer, is by going to
school together. Nothing really exciting I know, but
knowing Jennifer is like being apart of her own little
strange world that makes life fun :D!
Well let’s see what is there to know about me?
Hm…. Well I have a beautiful daughter named Elizabeth,
who is a stealthy ninja that has a Dracula laugh when
she’s trying to be evil. It’s hilarious when you see her
doing it in person. I’ve been married for about a year
now and putting up with your significant other isn’t a
simple task either (lol).
Ok like most people I enjoy anime weither it’s
watching it or reading it doesn’t much matter. I like to
listen to music that sounds good, if it doesn’t have a
good beat, my daughter will just shut it off. She is the
same as I in that sense. Well Jen told me to paint a
picture of who I am, but I wasn’t much of an artist.
Although I did however wish to be a writer, maybe
one day I will sit down and start on that dream. If Lizzy
lets me. She will be two in February and man is she
demanding! You’d think she would be a daddy’s little
girl, but it’s quite the opposite. Lucky me!
So how long does this blog have to be Jen? Oh
well I’ll make it long enough until that little voice pops
in my head that you imbedded there saying ‘ok that’s
good!’ Well there’s not really much to say about me. I
think I’m a boring off the wall person that rambles from
time to time. So ha! Well that little voice is telling me
that I’ve typed enough and well if it’s wrong, Jen will let

me know her self. Thank you for taking the time to read
how boring I am (lol).

Thanks for pic of Tokyo


Kyosuke said…
Lol you didn't seem boring at all.I enjoyed learning about you,and Lizzy.

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