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Guest Blogger Wednesday : Vance Payne

Hello how are you on this day.My friend let me be a guest blogger on here,and I couldn't find a topic so she gave me rain.

Thoughts on rain.

To some rain is unsettling,it brings back bad memories,and just boring.On the other hand you have people who find it calming or if their like me they see it as a cool ass back drop,and it feels good to stand in,but you need a hood or something.You don't want to catch a cold.When I think about it I can't really associate rain with anything good to be honest.I mean it always happen right before something bad like,Thunder storms,tornado's.....Yeah like I said bad lol.One day I laid on a coach,and opened a window.i just laid back,and thought about life.Things like what I should be doing instead of laying there,or what's my next move in life gonna be,or why am I so content with just sitting here,and watching these Little drops of water hit the ground.

Or why when it lands on something it makes this soothing sound?.I never found out the answer,because I fell asleep lol.My cat was laying on the chair as well.
There has been times when I was just listening to the rain rather just watching it,such an unpleasant sound yet soft,then it stopped.
I felt so incomplete,because I was waiting for it to rain some more.Almost as my life stopped when that sound disappeared. 

Sometimes when talking to a certain someone doesn't go so well,or she feels sad it always seem to rain,almost as if it's reflection of her feelings.
She just happen to love the rain.
I can only wonder what goes through her mind for her to like rain the way she does,but hopefully
I'll get her to like sunny days just as much.I make the best out of rainy days,by 

1.talking to the person I love the most
2.Listening to some music.
3.Holding that person I love the most

On a side note if you have an xbox 360,or PC on during a thunder storm.Just turn it off.Major damage can happen to your systems,and systems cost money.
I hope you enjoyed this blog.I apologize if it didn't blow your mind.I never gave rain this kind of thought before.Until we meet again this is Kyo signing out.
Love,and Peace (^^)v.


Kyosuke said…
Hope you all enjoyed it.

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