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Hints beyond all others

Snowy Morning Huns,

I am just sitting here watching my kittens play. I cant wait to be back around and about going to work and such. Today is just one of those non restless days. I wish that I could be a bit more excited about the snow. Im more excited that I will be leaving for new york on the 24th. I really cant wait to next year neither, I have a whole bunch of things to do. Enough of my side notes aka rambling on because I can, this blog is about hints.

So I have a link! I have facebooked it, twittered it and now im blogging about it! I cant give anymore hints than just saying give me these boots! lol

I feel as if hints are so overrated because some people dont have a clue of what you are hinting and if they have something in mind that is different than yours, than they will focus on that not the thing you want. I didnt even know that until it happened and I screamed and started hitting the person. (sorrwie buddy lol)

What do you think hints mean? Do you ever get the hint before the person finishes? Do you give hints? Give me a picture on how you feel about it. Do you think its a indirect form of communication? I do its good for people who arent the best at communication. *points to self*

Hunter Rain Boots

ps. size 39( U.S. size 8 and any color though i prefer black or light blue.)


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