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"Blah" Saturday Unexplained thoughts.

Ah happy sat all.....

I am having a blah saturday that is filled with nothig ish ness and i am having a few random thoughts that I felt i should share wit you

1. Sparks is very good, a mixture of stuff that makes u sing songs you know u hate. *as seen above*

2 Chix smells good when stewed....though im not fond of chix

3. my kittens crack me up they rubbed me as i laid lifeless cus i was tired on the floor

4.I see that i miss my friends, though we are adults, i wonder if they miss me?

5.ear phones are the best invention yet other than black berries....

6.typin with nails w/o glasses is hard.

ps. im loving this sat nite!!!



Kyosuke said…
Sorry you had such a blah Saturday,and Pucca,and Avy are something else lol.I know everybody misses you,and earphones are great to have.I swear you build relationships with those things.Typing without glasses is hard,but you got it yo!

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