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City dreamer

Weary morning bloggers!!

This blog is about, you have guessed it the city. I think that as I get older I am wanting to be in the city more and more. I am seriously wanting to move back. I feel a valid. I feel as if there would be more for me just to take off and go to a whole other place. Not like most people I have a choice I think I want to actually go and do something about it. Here are the choices and things that come in mind what would you pick?

You have...

New york- Home town, family is there, night life, freedom, mix of culture, public transportation.

Dc- Jobs, mix of people, friends ( a few) , new horizon, different flow to things,near md.

Tokyo- Lost in semi- translation, Japanese culture ( i love), schooling , food I like, different horizon.

I instantly just thought of that, as a mature individual you know i have a whole list and comparisons, likes and dislikes. But in all I just sit swinging my feet daydreaming of making a choice.

You never know....this all started after I snapped this pic last week.


Kyosuke said…
Hmm Well New York sounds really comfy,and fun.Dc transportation sucks lol,and Idk if you can continue to grow.The best choice to me it seems is Tokyo.Not only will you grow,and eat new foods,but when you find yourself in translation.You'll wake up,and would have grown even more.I really hope you choose what's going to make you happy,and live your days peaceful.

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