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Happy Friday!

Hey all! I'm the train, thought I'll do a blog. Fyi it is 72 out here! Omg its hot, though I'm a bit sick I couldn't wear a coat or jacket, I was dying! I wanna first say Happy Friday! I'm stressing and there's so much to do in my life but pictures like this below makes ur life worth while. On a musical note, check out a new artist. I think every other friday I will suggest music hope u check it out. This weeks artist name is Toro y moi. I stumbled on him by accident and fell for his music. Plus he's a cutie! So look for his new album "underneath the pine" comin out the 22nd! I'm diggin the single off there called " new beat" But I found many other favs but " talamak " gotta b my fav! Hope u like it ! Bye luvies! *this is aybo in my refreg he was lookin for my organic eggs on the second. Shelf. Lol gotta love him.*


Kyosuke said…
Oh my guddness I just notice Abyo lol,and the music choice is great.

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