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Catchin up...

Happy rainy morning all,

A lot has happened and I kinda didnt see it coming. I can say that everyone is fine, I tell a lot of people that family mishaps,accidents and everything that happened happened for a reason. In life, things give you a new or no expression on how to live the rest of your life. I also tell others dont let it scare you. Only at the moment it happens. Be very strong and do your best to live to tell it. Smile to see another day . And that brings me to why im writing this.

I dislocated my knee last night. It was so painful. it simply was to b put back in place.I am doing so but its painful. It happens if i wear the wrong thing for too long and I am doing a lot of walking and i turn my leg the wrong way. I have it very rare , but I was told its the most common thing to do and it will be okay. So im off my leg and outta commission for a day or two. im doing well. lol I was determined to write you all though. I didnt forget you never....

I will be having nice post coming up! I am going to a good friend of mine wedding down south. Yes I know I will be the most "urban chic" individual there. I wanna give you a sneak peak of my dress. Thats the netxt blog. Its so nice. Guess where i got it from? One of my fav stores. Jcrew! yes. I was shocked i could wear it . but then i remembered that im fine the way i am.... lol and everyone loves it cant wait to see wat ill look like and to take pics. Im like wow..

Over all, thats about all i wanna get back to you about. I know i keep promising but I tell you calamity is my middle name!. But dont worry you wont be dissapointed. I am happy on my investment of my outfit and it makes me feel good about myself. I know it looks nice and the color. But at times I doubt myself cus lets just say something nags me at times. moving on....Dont you like april weddings? I do the next three blogs will be more about the wedding, the gifts and etc.

Enjoy your blissful morning. i keep thinkin its friday. wishful thinking.


Kyosuke said…
Hope your leg gets better real soon. -snifs- Thanks for us know how you.

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