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Dress sneak peek!

As i promised, lets get into the dress info.

Okay I was on a hunt for the perfect dress. I wasnt spending more thank 60 and I wanted a mod, or modern look. I was going to try four stores. Macys, Nordstrom, H&M and J Crew. I had parked inside the malls garage ( this is a up class mall very nice) lol I was in nordstroms side so i started there first. I was like no the dresses. So I kept going. I saw my other fav store Ann taylor loft and they had nice dresses just not wedding type well my wedding style type. Then a few stores later was Jcrew.

I walked strait to the back cus like thats where the sale stuff is and BAM! i found it ! Matter fact i found a few dresses ima wait til it goes on sale in the front i want. But i found a few sale ones. All under 50 dollars. I tried them on but this one got me and i knew instantly when i put it on i could do a lot with it. So I go to pay for it and it was under 20 dollars! she said it was one they sent i was happy she said its a great dress perfect. Now only if i wasnt color blind i could tell u wat color it was.....

My date has to match me so i was thinkin oooo a white shirt and his vest be the color of the dress and nice lien pants black is fine or tan. ha hes stylish maybe he will like it wish i was there, i could of helped him. or he could get a white button up shirt and that color tie. thats wat i think will be better. the tie. hope he reads this. So here is a very sneak peek of it. u will have to wait til next weekend and after to see pics. i hope i have fun i need a vacation. Btw the jewelry i had bought before to go with watever dress i had end up being the same color! very ironic huh? lol


Kyosuke said…
From the sneak peak the dress looks amazing.Can't wait to see it.I'm sure your date is all around town looking for the right stuff to wear lol.
i bet he is when u see him tell him all white would look great on him.

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