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I realized....

Sighfull evening everyone,

Yes I am stressing! And just realizing some things about me that I thought too much about and see why I am the way I am. I am like the perceptitaion rain. You can paint a pic of those charateristics. Everyone has their own you know?

1. I realized that I cant sleep when I am worried about something or just lost deep in thought of a solution to a problem.

2. I realized that I like things in order so I can stop worrying so very much.

3. I realized that I like dark colors but i like to wear something pastel in there.

4. I realized that London is wonderful, jut not for my hair. I will love the weather , my hair wont.

5. I realized that my fav boots calf size is too small, i didnt even realize that i had big calf's is that weird ?

6. I realized that I stress about the little things because I know it will become something big if not dealt with at that moment of it occurring.

7. I realized that being logical has more advantages than disadvantages.

8. I realized that I did miss a lot of things in life because of pass trails...

9I have realized that I havent figured out how to live those days.

10. I realized that I cant fix the past just try my hardest to help the future look brighter.

btw i must have this over my bed or by my window.

Thanks to for the pic


Erika said…
I always thought that I liked dark colors, as well; and while I do, I find myself gravitating towards pastels far more often nowadays. They are so cheerful and pretty!! :)
me too. its the little things i wear pastel that pops and i guess its noticed.
Kyosuke said…
I see.Yes your calf musulces are pretty big.You're super strong inside,and out.:D It's hard for me to sleep aswell,and being logical is a wonderful.Just dealing with people who won't try to take advantage of it.

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