At the end of all hardship better will come.

Late afternoon all,

Im sittin here trying to figure out why I am not believing that statement right now. I think we all go through stuff b/c either we allow it or it just happens. Its not how its what you do to fix it i say. Todays blog is just about that. A wonderful sigh of relief is suppose to come out of hard work right? Sometimes you are like really its gonna be a long week lets have this reward all ready. I have a long weekend ahead of me and this week is just dragging I tell you I want to fill thrilled to be at a friends wedding and so on and such but omg! its like bad things are happening to me. Then I think of the newton law of what goes up must come down. but is that bout things that happen to you. Theres a bad to every good? So i was told to just smile it off it will not be gloomy forever. Like when theres a storm it always clears like okay cool ill try that. Then as i opened ed the door I saw this.Thanks to my nephew I got a great picture of a rainbow. It comes after the rain. A wonderful thing to smile about wouldnt you say.


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