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Guacamole city made w/tequila.

Hey all!

this post is on me being on a guacamole kick. yes this is my second time making it. I love it to death i mean i eat avocados with salt all the time. Thats a friend of mine trick. Shes from El Salvador!. she also showed me that boiled sweet potatoes are good. This is what i used.

1. can of spanish tomatoes ( it has lime, cilantro and hot very hot peppers in it)
2. 2 avocados
3. Fresh cilantro
4. A hint ( like a table spoon of tequila)

Mixed it its done

Took me every bit of 8mins. I think being quick, orgainic, and modern/different is all i will cook nothing else. Im a city girl,I like to be free explore things, I think my food I eat and love should be the same way.


Kyosuke said…
That looks really good.I mean it's guacamole,and it has a bit of tequila in it.

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