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Hi world!

So I have been out due to a family matter that just ended officially saturday. I wanna take the time out to thank everyone for their heart felt words and caring during this time of mourning. Its been a long six months but a even harder month when every day seemed to never end. I think now i can at least function enough to go on wit life and to do what she wanted me to do wit my life: be happy. I would do a tribute blog to her but it would be too long cus i would have to put everything i am thankful for that she gave me and put into me to make me the person I am today. I must say wit her I wouldn't be writing nor have a blog. The tiniest inspirations make such a big difference. So as always I wanna thank her for being there, though i can touch her any more I can know that moving on would of made her happy. If I ever get to where I wanna be then she will be the next thing other than god that I would thank. Hello world im back.

My aunt and i

A blog to my auntie. April 24th 2011


Kyosuke said…
I'm glad that you can function.Knowing you I see she was such a good women,and the one to thank for the inspiration for this awesome blog.Such a good picture.
Raekella_bella said…
OMG Jen, that's you and your auntie! Yall look adorable. You have cute baby pictures too. ^_^
awe thx the both of u. im glad i have pic with her it makes it all the better.

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