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Organic Food weds.

So im a bit early,

sorrwie everyone someone wanted to see what I had made and I thought that i would name the food i show every weds to organic food wed. cus thats what it is. or aka Werid food weds. Up to you ! lol so you know if i say this you know what it means. ill tag it the same so you can look it up in one sections. anywhoo this one is on english mayo. yes when you think of mayo you think of that white stuff that is a difference between a dry sandwich or not. or the stuff u put in deveil eggs or potato salad. But no my friends this mayo isnt white at all. I used the following, from the show "two fat ladies" oh cooking channel.

2 egg yolks
olive oil
lemon juice (a lil)

so i added everything but the olive oil at first then beat it while adding the oil and bam! there it was made. I love it so much i put that jank on everything lmao no seriously i used the egg whites from the egg yolks and put that on to taste it, it was soo good. ill make some for you. well thats all for today ill see you later in the week.



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