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May Wants


Late night all,

So i had wrote this poem for my auntie. She loved it. I didnt tell her it was about her, I think ima great niece. Here ya go. I ran into it while organizing my document folder lol. she always said that i should of been a writer or did journalism and that is my minor if u didnt noe! lol yes a true inspirational person indeed.

You are not here

I close my eyes and open them repeatedly, but you are not here.

I cry and wonder if you will hear them then, but you are not here.

I sing our fav song, but still you are not here.

I go on a search for a genie, and when I find her I wish for you, but you are still not here.

I ride on a shooting star, maybe to get a faster way to you but, you are not here.

I wade into the ocean and met a mermaid, I kissed him and he turned into a human, he said he would do anything for me. I wished, but you weren’t here.

I lay by your grave and realize that you will not be here.

For now…

one of the many pics she took. i will be sorting pics for days lol she would never show nor give any lol


Kyosuke said…
Omg one of your baby pictures.You are a wonderful niece.such a great poem.

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