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Tofu Fries? Pt 2

Evening to you .....

Hows it going? I am find I was surpose to give you all a wed look at cool food but blogger was tripping. So I can do it now. This is the result of my tofu fry post a week ago. So now here is the finish product. this is what i did.

It was pretty much like frying chicken. I used flour seasoned it then cut the tofu up like in a fry shape (after i used a paper towel (s) to get as much water out as I could out of it. Then i just flipped them over back n forth in the flour ( be careful it can break.) then fry it
( i used olive oil)

To make a sauce I just did what I saw on cooking channel. Mixed my Asian hot sauce and mayo and bam! i was done.

I hope you can make it and its a nice lean way to french fries.


Kyosuke said…
Wow those look really good.-Drools-

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