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City Apartments

Hello everyone!

My feet are not quite on the grown yet but I can share some of my exciting journies on my first trip of two this summer to nyc. This one is gonna be about apartments. I went where i used to live at when i was younger. its nice over there. family lives that way so as we walked up there steep heel i smiled because it was fun, very fun i say. university/aqueduct ave seemed quiet, full of water sprayin from an open fire hydrant, and just a brezze, cus its like two blocks from the other side of the hudson. It was something that made me think: Wouldnt moving back be so great? I am trying to atm . my niece graduated fyi and is going to school in queens so i wouldnt be far. I am seriously tryin to do it. maybe i will and stay before her 4 years are up. shes spoiled , very .

More to come!


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