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May Wants

Pucca and kittens

Late night everyone!!

I have some great news! My girl kitten Pucca has had kittens! it is such a surprised that I cried. Very overwhelmed. Both of my kittens will be 1 Wed so this is a bit shocking. I just have to make sure she has food and everything. Then gotta find the little ones a home. Then get her spayed no more! I am barly taking this news okay lol. I love her and all of them to death. I also love her brother Aybo who needs to stop being a mommas boy and help lol. This is a blog for them. Mommy loves u so much!


Their day took a pic!

Pucca and her kittens *snifs* too much for me lol

Pucca and Aybo


Erika said…
Awww...I can never resist kitties - love this! :)

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