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Music Guide 1

Okay so im back!

Did a few things in between , so here are the three songs: I will put their name, genre and also artist . Then I will give a background on each of the genres, even if you stray from that genre give it a chance. Thats what you do when yo love someone right? You take a chance it who knows if you were not to love how much you would of missed. Just dont do it all at once you know? Here I go....

1. "I am with you" By Hajimi Yoshizawa

2. "Blessa" by Toro Y Moi

3. "El Tigerso" by Malcua


1. Nu Jazz- That is a mix of jazz with other musical elements like: electronic, funk,electro, house. So if you like any of those put some jazz in your step and its relaxing and soothing. its cousin: Bossa Nova ( ill explain that later too)

2.Lo-Fi- Is a cool genre. A mix of the indie sound but with a low electric tune to it. Very flow ish, slow and mind blowing. So we all know the cousin is indie.You have your whole life planned out after this song.

3. Electro-Mambo- Its mambo a fast Spanish beat along with electro music which is bouncy music. I think you will have a ball with the mixture of cool sounds.

So there you go, hope you take a listen, tell me what mood you think I am in when I listen to each song. You will hear the answers in the next blog and until next week the next three songs.


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