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New Post Idea

Hey everyone!!!

Awe ive missed you! Ive been busy and extremely stressed out!. I have been thinking of how to get things taking care off because all of my electronics have failed on me. Its not their fault, lol My blackberry and laptop (s) So until they are back from their separate shoppies, I am lost without them. I am like a lost soul trying to find her way home. Its sad indeed. Lol so thats why I havent been able to blog as much among every thing eles.

So heres my idea.Tell me if you like it. I thought That any random day every week I could talk about music. I am a music fantic. Like Who has 4000 on their itunes? and whats differnt is that they are different genres of music. So depending on my mood is how and what I turn to and play. I am going to help people realize that muxic will come to you if you make a simple effort to go where it is. It will shock you how many songs I find a week!

I hear so much that people are lost with music , want a change or just stop listening because they are lost. Then get on board. Im starting my first post right after i do some changes to my blog page.

Thanks for the pic


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