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Random Sunday Blog

Evening sleep heads

So, I dunno why im blogging , but I guess I have to share my werid very werid weekend to you. I mean its not werid its just different.

1. New beginnings- Well this is the longest story out the two. If you havent been in my world ( thank god u r not) then you wouldnt know about my blackberry crashin and stuff . Its been like a month and ive been annoying to even myself because of it. I felt so alone. Not part of the 3/4G movement , not having a smart phone. Not watching youtube on my phone.Not having decent internet!!! It was horrible. But as always I accepted the lil flip-phone that I had to get from AT&T until I could see what was wrong wit my phone.

To be honest I was willing to pay a lot to get it fixed because its the only thing I want. I am a very picky person. From clothes to music I dont get it unless I like it.So I called RIM gave them my info on the back of the phone and everything they will need (for a $200 fee) to fix it. I was a bit happy because it would be okay in 15 days after they had recieved it. So packing yesterday. (back to dc) I see the phone apart in my pink hello kitty purse lol I put it together just so it could be put in its case. Guess what? It turned on! No kidding you!. That red light flashed on and i almost died.

I know that as soon as blackberry makes my phone again next year, I will be ready to move on. I hope it stays working that long again. I love my phone and I love holding him. He has a orange case too cute! I can now watch my fav groups and singers on my blackberry. Also use my apps. Like my music one. I can listen to my fav new york salsa station and trance station. I feel at home when I listen. So funny how things work. A blessing indeed.

2. Wedding?- So i was waiting to tell this b/c this person has until DEC the 1st to make sure she wants to do this, but someone in my family is getting married! I was asked to be in it, but I honestly just didnt wanna wear the shaped ....different. lol I just volunteered to plan it so I could wear whatever I wanted. *smiles* Motivation indeed. So here are some of my ideas on what I wanna wear for next SEP.

What do you think? I think im too short for one and the other will not give me justice. I will have to just order it or go to Bloomingdales myself and try it on. Too much going on right now. lol You dont even know how much planning there is. This gives me motivation to stay young and not worry about marriage it will drive me crazy. Ill let u noe who it is in three months.

So there you go. I had help wit my Business math hw and I had other hw to do and im all done! Im just wating to fall out. Listening to Toro y Moi "causers of this" nice wonderful album. matter fact all of the ablums are great. U noe another great group? Little Dragon. need i say more?


Random baby Pucca pic. shes such a big girl now. she looked so tiny a year ago lol


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