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Music Guide 2

Hey all

So I took a week vacation! ( oh there are pics) and it was okay cept for the last two days I caught a cold and now im trying to function with a cold. Not pretty. I have so much to blog about. I got a week worth of work to make up and I still managed to do this.Cnt let you all down, so here we go.

Here are the next three

1. Venus- Air

2. Undisclosed Desires- Muse

3. Virtual Diva- Don Omar

1. Electronica- A very cool beat. It is a mixture of techno, base, downtempo. You will love it.

2. Alternative- A mix of all genres, from rock to electronic. Theres always a new sound with in each song that is made by an alternative artist. They are rock alternative.

3. Reggaeton- It is exactly how it sounds. Its a mix of Reggae with other spanish music such as puetro rican , and then you have some that has dance hall and batchta which i will get into later. Its a spanish/jamaican beat with an urban flare.

So there you have it, I kinda put you in a world wind of thought didnt I. I hope you listen and please give feed back tell me what you think. Always remember , never hate a song until you hear it all the way and have a great reason why you do not like it like my fav way of putting it.
" I simply do not like this type of music.or the song itself" I have learned at times the artist may not be a likable one but they will come out with good stuff. Another tip: I have this motto that I love the song based on the meaning. I do have a handful that I do not know why I like it but it isnt the lyrics. Maybe I will let you know that by the end of this. I dunno I am thinking of doing this for about six weeks what do you think? That will be 21 songs. Enough to make a cd and to add to your Itunes.

Until next shuffling out.... lol


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