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Dreaming of Friday

random baby Aybo pic hes so big now lol

so today is friday. No I didnt know it was. Sadly I have a hard time keeping up with days and months these days I do not know what the problem is.  What are you going to do this weekend? I have work to catch up on and a project to ace while I am at it. I am also making plans. Big plans! Hum. I dont know ill share if it happens. But this is what I am thinking of at the moment. Maybe I will do this every friday....

I want to wear this

And this

I am loving these lyrics

I am buying these glasses

And this swimsuit for graduation fun in south beach

I have a free drink at this cool restaurant

I want to live in this apartment

Have a great weekend everyone, mine has started out very surprising. I dunno if it is good or is it bad.


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