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Music Guide 3


What a quiet morning it is after hearing such sad news in mid evening about Steve Jobs. I think all great minds think alike and that they have to rest someday. You cant pick your time,but you can make the most of it. Which brings you to realize why you do things like why go insane when your fav pair of headphones die or going store to store to find a new pair? Its something that takes you away from bad moods and saddness and see that theres a light at the end, and it also gives you realizations of you and the people singing it. You understand what they mean, thats why maybe thats your fav song. For instance, I sit and look at my apple prodcuts, I may not now him personally but I feel him in all his products, one of a kind genius a sense of being different. Also ways strive to be different, make your own path so at the end you are happy because you cant make the whole world happy if you are not now can you?

On to the three songs:

1. Time to Pretend by MGMT

2. Rock Dust Light Star by Jamiroquai

3. Music Sounds Better With You- Stardust

1. Indie- Mellow songs, independent sounds and beats, words and feelings very melodic. Oh and it is short for Independent Music.All of their sounds, beats and words...

2. Funk-A mixture of soul jazz, soul, R&b and just soul music, it has a smooth but great blend of jumpy music. Gotta love it.

3. Dance- I have to say this song came out right when they were splitting , from progressive, to techno,to now the dubstep, this is when eurodance ( ill explain next time) was the music. Moving feeling good music with heavy beats and sound....lovely..

Remember to do something for you today that you will happy and proud about for yrs to come.

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