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Music Guide 4

Alright.... I think I found some songs. It so hard to just pick three and theres only two weeks left in this, so lets make it the best shall we?

Evening everyone,

Hope all is well. Since im feeling blah, i decided to use the songs on my blah list here are three:

"Fiction (Dreams in Digital)" Orgy

" Beautiful" Smashing Pumpkins

" Only This Moment" Roykosopp

1. Industrial- That is a type of music which uses transgressive and progressive sounds. Its a deeper beat that say progressive but also uses a bit of rock in it.

2. Alternative Rock- Now they mixed a lot of things, jazz,psychedelia and punk rock which is a fast yet un steady rock beat. They are my "emo me" fav.

3. Electronica( explained earlier)

So take a listen, you might find a new genre.


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