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Music Guide 5

Late Morning my head/ear phone bopping your head to the cool sound readers/listeners. Here is week 5 of my different music guide. You know, have you ever thought of what your world would be without being able to reach out and do different things, go different places, and meeting new people? I think that music does that to you even when you are sitting here blogging or just taking a walk or running to work. Even in a busy airport grab a tune , but make sure you get one thats the right tone to set the mode oh and dont miss your flight....not like ive even done that *coughs* okay! on to the music. here are my three.

You and I (Deadmau5 remix) - Medina

Crave You - Flight Facilities ft. Giselle

Nitetime Funworld - Felix Da Housecat

1. Dance/Progressive ( explained earlier)

2. Electronica ( "  ")

3. Electroclash-its a mix of techno, punk and 80's synth pop and electronic music.

so take a listen, enjoy have fun. ill see you next week. my final week. hope you are taking notes.


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