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Music Guide 5.5 ( other music from around the world)


I have to do this for you, give you some foreign artist songs for you to check out, because im a huge fan of it all. If I can get something out of it and I love what it means and the beat then you have a fan. Without further ado... Ill give you their names and some songs by them, once you have that you can go find more songs. Take a step out the small world of music here in the states....

1. Koda Kumi (Japanese) -  "Butterfly, But, Crazy 4 You" and more.

2. Crystal Kay ( Shes mixed Japanese/Black ) - " Dream World, Boyfriend pt2, Konna Chikaku de" The list goes on lol 

3. Gackt- (Japanese) "Ghost, Blue Lagoon" the two that comes to mind many more.

4. April March ( French) "Garcon Glacon"

5. Little Dragon ( Swedish/Japanese) " My step, Ritural Union" so much more I cant even think lol

So there goes my 5 theres so many more , but as you look at these you will most defiantly run into the others, until next week.....


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