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Music Guide 6

Monday Blues Everyone

I am sad to say that this is the last music guide blog. I am proud that I finished the six weeks on time and yet like my other failed continuance of things, this came out great. But look forward to fridays because I have started something that I think I can keep doing. Even via Blackberry I can add links and stuff, since its about things I find and see, and want;it will work out. Hope you took notes. you can always come back for the names and if you need more you know where to contact me. 

I have just realized that I am all over the board when it comes to music. I was downloading some because some of mine didnt restore when I restored my computer, and I was just looking at the some of the names. I jump so many different genres its funny. Not many people can honestly say that they are all over the board and will listen to whatever the wind takes them. I think I can say that for myself. I also try to educate myself so when asked I can say what I know about the genre and the artist. I think its nice to have a song for every mood like I do. So this last one is dedicated to some genre hopping.

"All Caps" Madvillian

"Take my Picture" Filter

"Napalm Love" Air

"Pay to Cum"  Bad Brains

"Better off Alone" Alice Deejay

"Emerge" Fischerspooner

"Little bit" Lykke Li

1. Alternitive Hiphop- uses funk, jazz,rock and soul together with the normal sounds of hiphop 

2. Alternitive Rock- Its a mellow sounding rock.

3. Electronica ( already explained)

4. Punk Rock- very big in the early to mid 80s a face pace beat of rock, the lyrics was more of anger or being different from the world. it was anti progressive rock.

5. Eurodance - 90s- now dance music based from artist out of Europe. it has steady beat of dance and some earlier 70s disco traces.

6. Electronica - " "

7. Indie/electronica 

There, hope you see when I say I go all over the place. Its fun to 


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