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Dreaming of Friday

Evening everyone,

Im still a bit sick from the food poisoning I got this morning, but I had to do this for you , because I did find some cool stuff this week. Maybe next week ill be able to ramble on more. Today is not only vets day and national pocky day , its 11.11.11 so cool, cant wait to 12.12.12 lol. What did you do today? I hope something good comes out of this day, a few hours are still left. Its so amazing how little scientific things makes my mind wonder. This is what I found this week.

I put together some things I gathered from pin interest, this is my places and spaces board

I love wellies, im on the hunt for some and I found a nice pair.

I found very nice shorts that I want for Miami, I have to get them in another color because of this color isnt in my size. 

Speaking of Miami I got this swimsuit

When I feel up to it through out the day I am reading this web comic, im a nerd/geek/okatu indeed

Have a great cool weekend.


Taryn said…
Feel better soon--food poisoning is the worst =)
ah thanks im doing a lot better now.

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