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Dreaming of Friday

Happy Friday

Ive been home sick , lol so I time to look at stuff. I have been worrying about Miami and not having a swimsuit. The other one doesn't fit duh heres one that fits and im just gonna trade up with. Things are looking up. Hey im waiting for the first of DEC lol im looking all past Thanksgiving. lol What are you this weekend? Also next week? I am just wanting next week to fly so I can go on my mini vacation and tear up some stuff. Hum idk I may be alone this time...

Im listening to Sexy and I know it by LMFAO. Gotta love that song. The video too lol check out my fav NYC Radio Station

Here is the Swimsuit-perfect fit and all why didnt I think of this? lol I have no idea lol now I can prance around south beach lol 

I saw what type of cut cloths I should wear because of the shape I am. I am defined as a "hour glass" so shirts like this from Theory looks nice on me. I have a similar shirt from the Loft. It is nice I always get compliments lol. 

Oh this one I am drooling over, I love nails. yes I like the gel nail look. And the Japanese does it so well. So heres my fix via

I also follow a nice wedding blog. I feel though I am a little far from that stage I like seeing people happy. This 1940 themed one  is so cute. I love all she did to make it cute. Her dress and shoes are amazing. Her tattoos are pretty. She really made me have faith that id find a dress in my size id like.

Oh I have a tumblr! I finally got it together lol. I had a slow moment at first but I think its nicely put together I dont say much its all pics. hope you love it. 

Last but not least on a serious side I am intertwined with the SEC because of certifications and things and I ran into this article  (more like it came in my inbox lol) If this is true, why are they making us take all of these trick question certification questions? 

Well back to bed. Im feeling a lot better since I got the right medicine to treat my sinus infection. It doesnt go good with the migraines I get. So its been a long week. But in reality no I forgot today was Friday lol. K catch you next week.

Drink I cant wait to have when I leave town , two weeks!


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